The students were settling into their assigned seats for class. I sat in the second row from the front, looking down, shoulders hunched. My tormentor, Walter, sat in front of me and turned around. His eyes widened. And after a deep breath in he announced “look everyone, she shaved!”

I had waxed my upper lip for the first time the night before. The hair had been dark enough that its absence made a noticeable difference in my appearance. My first attempt at hiding my facial hair had been bleaching. I quickly found that just lightening the hair didn’t make it invisible, it just made the hair look like fur. My second attempt was with waxing, a painful and messy experience that basically amounts to mass tweezing.

The third attempt was tweezing as my mother had done before me. This time consuming process ate up hours of my life and damaged my skin to boot. I finally pulled out the big guns and tried a five session laser hair removal procedure, twice. I was a “perfect candidate” they said: dark hair, fair skin, oh and I had to shave. Guess I wasn’t so perfect after all.

Electrolysis was my final attempt and frankly, my last option. I exhausted all the known methods for hair removal and finally found the holy grail. I couldn’t be happier. It’s a long process and consistent treatments are key, but the end result is well worth it. I no longer have embarrassing dark hairs, stubble and damaged skin.

My electrologist, Alice, was my partner through this. Her experience and guidance helped me through the apprehension I felt when I first walked in. She keeps timely appointments, accommodates fluctuating schedules and always returns my calls promptly.

They say true beauty lies within, but why not have the outside match?

—Erica P.

I am so grateful for ATS Electrolysis! I have been battling stubborn facial hair since I was a teenager, which really took a toll on my self esteem. I started coming to Alice over a year ago, and the results have exceeded my expectations. I finally can wake up in the morning and go without having to worry about tweezing or shaving. Alice is so easygoing and never made me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me—I wholeheartedly recommend ATS Electrolysis for hair removal.

—Chantal G.

I am not a vain person, so getting rid of my whiskers is my one indulgence. Alice makes it so easy. The sessions are quick, the banter is lots of fun, and she is so good! She's very professional, super warm, and friendly. If you've got extra fuzz, Alice is the one to see. She makes a less than pleasant session go by so quickly, you don't know it's done until you look at the results: stunning. I started at once a month, and after a year I'm down to once every three months. I'm so happy with the results! What are you waiting for? Give her a call!

—Maria S.

I had been trying to remove facial hair since I was 16. At 30, I had been through over 50 laser hair removal treatments and was waxing my face almost every other day. I was desperate and electrolysis was the last method I had left to try. Alice was wonderful and understanding from the start, not only about the hair, but about my strict and demanding schedule as well. She always found time to fit me in so the frequency of appointments was not interrupted. Now, after about 1 year and a few months, I can go roughly 2 weeks without any hair. I'm no longer caking on make-up trying to hide hair. I'm about to get married and with 3 days of festivities, I am so happy and relieved that I won't be worried about hair on my face. I work in a field that requires very close interaction with people, and I am no longer worried that they are looking at my hair and not me. I am very grateful to Alice. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.

—Selina P.

Over the years I have gone from an occasional pluck and tweeze, to people noticing the hair growing out of my ears. I have always thought of electrolysis as something for women, but I decided to check it out and do some research. I looked at several places, and I ended up at ATS Electrolysis. After Alice explained how the process worked I decided to make the commitment. Four months later, my ears have gone from a hairy jungle to smooth. I would definitely recommend ATS Electrolysis for hair removal.

—Jon G.

In my family, the onset of menopause means tweezing season has begun, and it lasts for the rest of your life. I remember watching my grandmother tweeze every day, and my mother has had her tweezers by her side for the last couple of decades. So when I hit my mid-40s and suddenly found hairs popping up on my chin I thought I was doomed to the same fate. Then I found Alice and I started seeing her every week. When I first started my electrolysis I had 5 pair of tweezers; one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in the living room, one in my purse, and one in my desk at work. I was tweezing every day. Now I see her once every 3 to 4 weeks and I can't remember the last time I touched my tweezers! The results were so good that I had her do my eyebrows as well. I can truly say that it has been life changing. I highly recommend ATS Electrolysis—thanks Alice!

—Laura M.

What was I waiting for? That's a question I've asked myself many times since finally beginning electrolysis. As soon as I started looking I knew ATS was the treatment center of choice. Alice is a Certified Professional Electrologist, using the safe and permanent hair removal method. Thanks ATS, for lifting the burden of frequent temporary hair removal from my life!

—Diane G.

I've given up my tweezers (that I used to have to use every single day) as a result of Alice's service at ATS. I started going to ATS about one year ago when I had deep, sore ingrown hairs all over my chin and noticed that having reached my 40s, I now had to wax my upper lip every week. The damage to my chin as a result of tweezing and waxing has healed—I no longer have ingrown hairs, and the amount of hair on my upper lip has been reduced dramatically. Alice is very professional, yet warm and provides a relaxing environment. I strongly recommend ATS Electrolysis to anyone who is dealing with ingrown hairs and age-related/hormonal hair growth.

—Adrienne F.

The money I spend for electrolysis is the best money I have ever spent: feeling clean and hair-free is something that improves my mood and outlook like nothing else. And ATS is great—I have been coming here for a couple of years, switching from one area to another as I saw how great it was. I saw another electrologist before Alice, but didn't like it there because appointments were difficult to get, or I did not get a call back at all. Alice always calls me back, and always seems able to fit me in. And she remembers my problem areas from appointment to appointment, even as they change! She is knowledgeable and professional—I would recommend her highly!

—Lynne G.

I very highly recommend ATS Electrolysis! I started just over a year ago, going once a week for a half hour, and it's been so effective that I now only need 15-minute treatments every other week! It's truly been been a transformative experience for me. I had tried everything—tweezing, laser treatments, shaving, and waxing—but none of them gave lasting results. With electrolysis at ATS Electrolysis, I found the solution for permanent hair removal. I am saving myself a lot of the time, money, and headaches that came with other treatments, and I now have more confidence than ever before.

—Catherine S.

Over the years I've used a number of different methods to hide my embarrassing facial hair. I've tried waxing, tweezing, and bleaching—all painful, expensive, and worst of all, temporary. After seeing Alice for just 3 months, there has been a dramatic reduction in my facial hair, and a huge increase in my self-esteem. I had so much facial hair, it used to take an entire 45-minute session just to treat my upper lip. Now, my entire face can be treated in just one session. I drive an hour from Pennsylvania just for Alice's expertise, a worthwhile commute. Starting electrolysis at ATS is one of the best decisions I've ever made—it's clean, friendly, professional, and yields permanent results!

—Gulnaz K.

I never had any kind of facial hair issues until I was in my 40s. I would pluck the few chin hairs I had until one day I realized that I was plucking multiple hairs every day and destroying my skin in the process. I had many ingrown hairs and pock marks where I had been plucking. On the recommendation of my mom, I agreed to go on one visit to ATS to see what electrolysis could do for me. I have been a steady customer ever since! When I started out I required a weekly appointment. Alice assured me that the intensity of my appointments would lessen over time. In a year's time I am down to one visit every 8 weeks! My skin is once again smooth and I could not be happier. Alice, you are the best!

—Beth W.

I have been seeing Alice for over a year now and I can't express my gratitude for her (she is so easy to work with) and her professional service enough! When I first started, my upper lip was covered with bumps from ingrown hairs. Despite exfoliating, this area was always red, always bumpy and always made me very self conscious. I am proud to say that I no longer have bumps or prickly hairs in that area and feel much more confident. Thanks Alice!

—Neha G.

I am so thankful for the electrolysis treatments I have received from ATS Electrolysis. I went from having to shave my chin every day to never having to shave it. I am so pleased with the whole electrolysis process. It doesn't hurt much, doesn't take long and is relaxing with the music and good conversation that Alice offers. I am heading into the down stretch, only getting treatments once a month now. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about having electrolysis done to make an appointment with Alice at ATS Electrolysis. She gives very personal service and truthful advice about what she thinks would work best for you. I highly recommend ATS Electrolysis.

—Priscilla C.

I have been doing electrolysis with Alice for several months now. The change in my skin has been remarkable...no in-growns, no redness, no unwanted hair! I spent most of my young adult life avoiding people getting too close in fear of they would notice my facial hair. I wish that I had started sooner. The office visits are quick, comfortable, and it is always a pleasure to be with Alice. What a wonderful experience!

—Tara K.

ATS Electrolysis is amazing. I love that Alice makes me feel so comfortable every time I come in for an appointment! Wouldn't go to anyone else in the area, she's the best!

—Maria R.

I've been seeing Alice for 2 years and have been very pleased with her service. She has always been very professional and courteous. One of the best things about working with her is that she is so flexible with scheduling. She has many times worked around my schedule to accommodate my needs. The electrolysis is progressing nicely for me and I'm pleased with the results. I would recommend her services to anyone. I'd be happy to talk to anyone about my experience.

—Dorothy O.

Alice is pleasant, professional, and makes a less than fun necessity mostly enjoyable! I can listen to the music, zone out, and walk out feeling good about myself! I highly recommend Alice and ATS.

—Roberta Z.

I have been a client of ATS Electrolysis for about 3 years. I have been, and continue to be, very very pleased with the service I receive. The office is warm and inviting and I always feel comfortable. I have had several areas worked on with outstanding results. Great job ATS and many thanks!

—Diane D.

Unwanted hair was devastating to me in my mid 30s. Over the years I tried all the treatments: plucking, shaving, waxing, growth retarding creams, and even laser treatments (which are not a permanent method of hair removal and are very expensive!). Then I found Alice at ATS and I look and feel great. No more embarrassing hair! ATS offers a permanent, safe solution to unwanted hair. If you want to be rid of your unwanted and unsightly hair once and for all, go see Alice. She's professional, she's fun, and she's very understanding. I want to say thank you to her for all that she has done. I wish I had found her in my 30s. Thanks Alice.

—Brenda C.

I have been a client of Alice's for the past year and am having amazing results on my upper lip and eyebrows. I am thrilled to be done with the hot wax and tweezers! I felt very comfortable talking with Alice about my unwanted hair and her company makes the experience pleasant. The office is very clean and sterile with a relaxing environment. Alice is extremely thorough and on time. I would highly recommend ATS to anyone serious about permanent hair removal!

—Susan T.

Over the past few years I have been getting treatments from Alice. She is not only a GREAT electrologist, but we have become friends as well, sharing stories and many laughs. She listens attentively to me at every appointment regarding the work I need done. She completes the work in a timely manner. She is professional and trustworthy. She makes sure I am comfortable and really cares about my skin. She has recommended ways to take care of my skin after treatments. I have never had a bad reaction or a problem afterwards. Unwanted hair can be embarrassing, make a woman self-conscious, and feel just flat out ugly! Thanks to Alice I have more confidence and am worry free. I no longer think about unwanted hair, because it's gone, permanently! I have received treatments from other electrologists in the past, but none compare to Alice. I couldn't recommend her more.

—Patty M.

I appreciate all Alice has done for me and for my daughter. It is so important to me to feel and look my best. I make every effort to eat well and exercise. Looking my best starts with good health but must go along with proper skin care which is where, I think, a competent electrologist plays a big part. I have found that in Alice and I have been so very pleased that I have. Alice has been kind and supportive and very understanding. I actually look forward to my visits.

—Joan P.

ATS Electrolysis has worked wonders for my daughter. She is so thrilled with her appearance and it has been a life changing decision to become a client of ATS. Alice is wonderful to work with and we are completely pleased with the results and would recommend her services to everyone.

—Mary Beth G.

My daughter inherited hairy genes from me. She had a huge facial hair problem. I was lucky to have my problem solved with laser hair removal ten years ago. Unfortunately they don't recommend that teenagers go under the laser. As I talked to more people about it, they recommended electrolysis because it was permanent and not that painful. The key was to find a good electrologist who would apply the correct, most effective electrolysis method.

That's when we were recommended to "Ann". After a year of going to her and getting comfortable with her, Ann moved to South Carolina. We tried couple of other electrologists, but my daughter was not happy with them. Then on Ann's recommendation we found Alice at ATS. She came as a blessing—it ended up being the best thing for my daughter. Not only was she was comfortable with Alice right from the beginning, but she loved the way Alice worked with her. Plus I appreciated that Alice was so flexible with scheduling in order to accommodate all my daughter's high school commitments. As she continued to go for treatments, the dramatic change was apparent and her confidence level improved.

We have been coming to ATS for over a year now and looking at the results I don't mind making the trek from Bridgewater to Flemington once a week. Plus I love the office in the castle.

This fall my daughter starts college. Hopefully we will continue to see Alice during school breaks. But I do want to say "Thank You!" for everything and for giving my daughter her self esteem and confidence back.

—Roopika S.

I decided to try electrolysis after laser treatments did not work on my coarse white and dark extensive "grandpa" like beard stubble. I researched electrolysis learning that although it is not an "overnight" treatment for removal of hair, it is the only accepted FDA permanent hair removal process. Having decided to give electrolysis a try, I researched the accreditation and licensing process for electrologists in New Jersey. I found Alice through the CPE listing in the American Electrology Association and local newspapers.

My first meeting with Alice for an evaluation of my needs was an immediate success. I was impressed with her professionalism and friendliness. The facility was both immaculate and comfortable. Before evaluating my situation, Alice took the time to explain the anatomy of hair growth, the process of electrolysis, and how and why it works to permanently remove hair.

Electrolysis is a gradual removal of hair. It requires the patience of going regularly for a good period of time. After 18 months my results are amazing. The remaining hairs on my chin are very few, finer, and inconspicuous. My treatments now are weeks apart and take just a few minutes. Best of all, I never worry about my facial hair anymore.

Going to Alice's office is very relaxing. The treatment has been very comfortable and skillful. She maintains the highest standards using the latest treatment and technological protocols. The decision to seek treatment at ATS is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Thank you Alice!

—Carol C.

I have been coming to ATS Electrolysis for three years to have hair removed from various parts of my body. I have tried various hair removal systems from waxing to laser, without seeing results. I am extremely pleased with the service AND the results. Alice is professional and knowledgable. Electrolysis works and I highly recommend her.

—Darcie C.


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